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In May, 1,621,814 trades were made in stocks, warrants and options among Nordnet’s customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. That corresponds to 79,113 trades per day. The number of customers in the end of May was 517,000, which is 5,500 more than previous month. The number of accounts was 664,900, which is 7,600 more than previous month. Net savings for the month was SEK 1,000 million and the savings capital was SEK 205 billion. Lending to customers by the end of May was SEK 7.2 billion. Starting in May, mortgage is included in the total lending volume. 

Table: Nordnet’s total trades on all exchanges and market places for all customers, and average number of trades per day. Average number of trades per day is calculated as total trades divided by the number of days the Swedish exchanges are open. Accounts, customers, net savings, savings capital and lending are based on preliminary data.

  MayMayChange AprilChange
  20162015one year2016one month
Number of trades          
Average per day79,11374,0216.9%87,666-9.8%
Traded value cash market
(SEK million)*
Active customers517,000458,90012.7%511,5001.1%
Active accounts664,900583,20014.0%657,3001.2%
Net savings (SEK million)**1,000-2,450-70042.9%
Savings capital (SEK billion)2051983.8%1993.0%
Margin lending excluding cash and cash
equivalents (SEK million)
Personal Loans (SEK million)2,7882,34019.1%2,7481.5%
Mortgage (MSEK)***49----
* Cash market relates to trades in stocks, warrants, ETFs and certificate.
** A capital of 0.4 SEK billion was transferred to Söderberg & Partners from Nordnet during May as a result of the reduced partner cooperation. A total of SEK 9.9 billion related to Söderberg & Partners has been transferred from Nordnet. 
*** Nordnet launched mortgage in April 2016. The lending volume is published in May 2016 for the first time, which is why no comparison data is available. 

- In general, May was a good month on the Nordic stock exchanges. The Nordic indices showed positive development despite uncertainties in the market, such as Britain’s upcoming EU referendum with the risk of Brexit. Nordnet’s customers’ savings capital amounts to SEK 205 billion, which is the highest level in our history, says Håkan Nyberg, CEO of Nordnet.

Watch CEO Håkan Nyberg and CCO Johan Tidestad comment on the monthly statistics at 4:15 pm at Twitter/Periscope. Link on Twitter @CEONordnet or @Nordnet. 

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