We are now looking for law students to join the team dealing with customer complaints, contract management and simpler corporate law issues. Meet Timothy Andersson, 25, and Edith Arnek, 23, who are currently working part-time within Nordnet’s lawyer pool during their studies.

Hi Tim and Edith, what’s your job and study situation today?
Tim: I’m studying the second semester of the law program at Stockholm University. This autumn I will write an essay on EY and then graduate as a legal attorney. In Nordnet, I mainly work with investigating and answering customer complaints, and also with other legal information. In addition, I also have a summer job at Nordnet customer service.
Edith: I am studying for the sixth semester, also at SU. In the autumn, I’ll go on exchange studies to the University of Glasgow, U.K. Besides my studies, I work with Tim investigating and responding to customer complaints.

Why did you want to work at Nordnet?
Edith: I found the role to be exciting. The job felt much more relevant than other roles offered to law students. When I talk to friends about their roles, I notice that this job is on a different level. I also appreciate that working hours are flexible and can be combined with studies.
Tim: I have been interested in the financial industry for a long time, especially for stock trading, and therefore Nordnet, to me, was an attractive employer. I also like Nordnet’s profile and position, a challenger to the traditional banks.

What experience did you gain from your time at Nordnet?
Tim: I’ve learned how to handle complex situations and distil them into essential questions. I have also learned how a bank works on the inside, and how the processes behind the scenes work. Overall, I see it as a really good experience that will help me with my future jobs.
Edith: I have learned a lot about the finance industry, which I was not so familiar with before. I have also learned how to discuss and formulate arguments correctly whilst expressing myself clearly and easily. I like to take a lot of responsibility, and it benefits me that the role is varied and you learn a lot about finance, law and argumentation. It has also been useful to work towards and meet aggressive deadlines.

How would you describe the culture at Nordnet?
Edith: You feel quickly welcomed and included by the team at Nordnet. You can take a lot of personal responsibility whist feeling safe and part of the team, even though it is quite large, we have almost 400 people at the Bromma office, yet the atmosphere is still family-like.
Tim: A helpful and supportive environment. Our job involves contacting a variety of departments within Nordnet, and everyone is very supportive and inclusive. I really have fun at Nordnet and have made many new friends that I’m also hanging out with in my free time.

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