Nordnet Ventures

Shaping a modern banking industry

Nordnet exists to redefine the financial world by empowering savers of today and tomorrow. Partnering up with fintech companies will help us provide the tools and products that empowers bank customers and challenge the ideas of traditional banking.

This is why we do it

As technology and innovation advance rapidly, the banking industry is transforming. As do the customers’ digital behavior. We have always been a digital bank with a strong customer focus, so it comes naturally to us to embrace these changes.

We also realize that much of the good ideas, new technical solutions and innovations are created outside our walls. Nordnet Ventures will be our way to support the development, and take part in it in a broader sense.

Our Investment Council

Nordnet Ventures consists of an Investment Council, which is responsible for identifying and recommending investments. Stefan Alexandersson, previously CEO of Collector Bank, is the Chairman of the Investment Council. Stefan has a long experience of growth companies in the financial sector. During his time as CEO of Collector, Stefan established the company’s investments in fintech.

Hannes Wadell (CFO) and Anders Danielsson (Chief Commercial Officer) are members of the investment council from Nordnet.

Our investments

In October 2017, Nordnet Ventures made its first venture in the Swedish fintech company Tink. During spring 2018, Nordnet was the first Nordic bank to launch an aggregator feature where savers in one interface can get an overview of their investments in equities and funds, regardless of in which banks they are stored.

What we can offer

Apart from being an inspiration, helping startups flourish and develop their entrepreneurial spirit, we have a lot of great things to offer

  • Access to more than 740 000 customers in the Nordic countries, customers who already have a digital behavior.
  • An extensive and well-developed customer database, which gives us good insight into our customers’ needs.
  • Support and mentoring from Nordnet experts in finance, legal, compliance, risk, and engineering.
  • Piggy back on Nordnet brand awareness as a trusted bank partner.
  • Utilize Nordnet backend for savings, trading, pensions, loans etc.
  • Strong API focus.

What we are looking for

Fintech startups in the Nordic region

Great ideas don’t have geographical boundaries. However, to be able to help other companies, we need to have roots and experience in their markets. That’s why we’ve chosen only to invest in companies within the Nordic region, specifically Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. 

We will focus on companies within the fintech area. That’s our area of experise and what we are passionate about. It is also where we feel we will add most value to our customers. 

Early stage companies

We are mainly looking for investments in the early stages of a startup’s life. An early investment gives us the opportunity to build a partnership with the founders and the company. However, we may make exceptions when there’s a team or idea we just can’t resist.

Innovative product ideas combined with an excellent business plan

We are looking for ideas and products that match or can extend our core business, and have potential to develop it further. We like products that have the opportunity to play an important role in the lives of our customers, empowering and inspiring them to invest and save.

Our business idea is to offer private individuals and companies financial products and services that make it possible to take control of their financial future. Our core business across the Nordic markets is investments, savings and pensions.

Long-term partnership and collaboration

We are interested in building relationships with companies based on mutual collaboration. It will not just be about a financial transaction. The product should offer the opportunity to play a significant role to the lives of our customers, not just be a flash in the pan, or a fun app to show their friends.

An outstanding founder or team with potential to deliver customer value with profit

We want to work with founding teams that exhibit the capacity to achieve greatness. The founder or founders need to have a pioneering spirit together with a genuine desire to solve a customer problem and find new innovative solutions.