Branschbäst Universum 2017 among IT studentsIn Universum’s survey 2017 of the most attractive employers in Sweden (Företagsbarometern), Nordnet has been appointed as Best in Industry among IT students. Meet Johan, who recently finished his studies and started working for Nordnet.

Name and age
Johan Kitti Söderberg, 29 år

Master of Science in Media Technology and Master in Computer Science, KTH. Went to University for five years, and completed my studies in the beginning of 2017.

Career at Nordnet
I have been working three summers at Nordnet as a developer during my studies. After I graduated, I was offered a fulltime job and started as a software developer in March 2017. The team I work in is called Trading. As the name implies we focus on to develop products for trading in securities.

About the culture at Nordnet
I had a very good working experience of Nordnet from the summer job, and therefore I wanted to continue here. There are many nice and unpretentious people at Nordnet, which is important for me. You can grab anyone all the time and ask for help, and everyone work together in a good way. These are exciting times right now for Nordnet as a company. There is a great emphasis on tech in the company, and I think that is a must to be successful as a bank today.