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20 years ago, Nordnet redefined the financial world as the first digital bank in Scandinavia. Now we are about to do it again. We will build the best customer experience in our field and create next generation bank. We believe that this requires curious people, passionate teams, and smart technology. English is our corporate language, and that gives us the opportunity to recruit sharp people from all over the world.

A sort of start up atmosphere still lingers inside our walls. Our work days are characterized by purposefulness, commitment and an unwavering customer focus. Mixed with a rather large dose of playfulness. And even if we really are a bank, we see ourselves as a financially focused IT company. Do you want to join us and build the new Nordnet?

Candidate journey

Our employees are our greatest asset, and creating the perfect match requires evaluation and commitment from both parties. This gives both you and Nordnet the opportunity to get to know each other, and you, as a candidate, receive several touch points within the organization. Each recruitment journey is unique, which means that our processes are tailored to each role.

We look for functional competence as well as values and personality, which we believe are important factors needed to be successful and enjoy being part of our team!

You are welcome to apply!

Recruitment process within Nordnet Tech
  • Application
  • Review and selection of resume
  • Call with a recruiter
  • Candidate profile (for some roles)
  • Interview with hiring manager
  • Technical case/case interview
  • Interview with HR
  • Talent assessments (for some roles)
  • References
  • Background check and credit check
Recruitment process within Nordnet in general
  • Application
  • Review and selection of resume
  • Interview with hiring manager
  • Talent assessments and/or case interview
  • Interview with HR
  • References
  • Background check and credit check

Are you curious about Nordnet? Here is your opportunity to look inside our new office, meet our employees and hear how we together are building the new Nordnet. Warm Welcome!

Power Women in Tech is Nordnet’s career network for women in fintech. It’s a meeting place for those who want to meet and be inspired by female colleagues in the industry and expand your network. Sign up here to join the network here.

From our employees’ perspectives

Meet Erik Holm Linden, System Manager Automation

Erik began his journey at Nordnet in 2015 when he joined Nordnet’s Customer Service department as Savings Expert. Erik has since then made a fast career and gained leadership experience along the way. Today Erik is working as System Manager Automation. Here he shares his journey, everyday life and best career tips.

Meet My Strömberg, Savings Expert

With the dream of starting an own company, My Strömberg chose to study economics and entrepreneurship at the Norwegian School of Economics. Today, My is working as a Savings Expert at Nordnet and helps our customers on a daily basis to achieve their ambitions with savings and investments.

Meet Miloš Ranđelović, Head of Product Design

Miloš started at Nordnet a year ago and he has made an impressive career in Nordnet’s Product Design team. Meet Miloš and get to know how the life of a product designer looks like at Nordnet.

5 questions to Lisa Calá, Tech Recruiter

Nordnet is a tech company and we will always depend on skilled staff within tech and innovation. Meet Lisa Calá, our Tech Recruiter who is daily searching for new, ambitious employees who want to be part of Nordnet.

Meet Henri Isometsä, Marketing Project Manager Finland

Henri Isometsä is the former forest economics student who changed career path and became an entrepreneur within social media. Today he works as a Marketing Project Manager at Nordnet in Finland. Here he shares his career story, motivation and passion for stocks.


In 2018, Nordnet received the award “Savings Innovation of the Year” by the largest private finance magazine in the Nordics, Privata Affärer. The background to the award is the stock lending program that Nordnet launched in October 2018. Nordnet was also awarded as the “Career Company of the Year” in 2018. The award is initiated every year by Karriärföretagen, that selects the employers that offer the most unique career opportunities to their employees.

In 2017, Nordnet was appointed as the “Bank of the Year” by Privata Affärer. In its decision, the jury put emphasis on the large number of product launches during the year and the high level of innovation at Nordnet. During the same year, Nordnet was voted as the “Rocket of the Year” among Swedish business students and appointed as “Best in Industry” among IT students in Universum’s business barometer.

Savings innovation of the year

Career Company of the Year

Bank of the year

Rocket of the year & Best in industry

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