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20 years ago, Nordnet redefined the financial world as the first digital bank in Scandinavia. Now we are about to do it again. We will build the best customer experience in our field and create next generation bank. We believe that this requires curious people, passionate teams, and smart technology. English is our corporate language, and that gives us the opportunity to recruit sharp people from all over the world.

A sort of start up atmosphere still lingers inside our walls. Our work days are characterized by purposefulness, commitment and an unwavering customer focus. Mixed with a rather large dose of playfulness. And even if we really are a bank, we see ourselves as a financially focused IT company. Do you want to join us and build the new Nordnet?

Candidate journey

Our employees are our greatest asset, and creating the perfect match requires evaluation and commitment from both parties. This gives both you and Nordnet the opportunity to get to know each other, and you, as a candidate, receive several touch points within the organization. Each recruitment journey is unique, which means that our processes are tailored to each role.

We look for functional competence as well as values and personality, which we believe are important factors needed to be successful and enjoy being part of our team!

You are welcome to apply!

Recruitment process within Nordnet Tech
  • Application
  • Review and selection of resume
  • Call with a recruiter
  • Candidate profile (for some role´s)
  • Interview with hiring manager
  • Technical case/case interview
  • Interview with HR
  • Talent assessments (for some role´s)
  • References
  • Background check and credit check
Recruitment process within Nordnet in general
  • Application
  • Review and selection of resume
  • Interview with hiring manager
  • Talent assessments and/or case interview
  • Interview with HR
  • References
  • Background check and credit check

Are you curious about Nordnet? Here is your opportunity to look inside our new office, meet our employees and hear how we together are building the new Nordnet. Warm Welcome!

Power Women in Tech is Nordnet’s career network for women in fintech. It’s a meeting place for those who want to meet and be inspired by female colleagues in the industry and expand your network. Sign up here to join the network here.

From our employees’ perspectives

Meet our Savings Experts Carl Hannes and Anna

We are always looking for ambitious Savings Experts to our Customer Service who can create added value for our customers. Anna Hallgren 23, and Carl Hannes Rosén 26, are two of our customer service heroes who help Nordnet’s customers to achieve their goals within savings and investments.

Meet Inger Klintmalm – Software Developer at Nordnet

One week ago, Nordnet arranged its first Power Women in Tech event where 150+ women were gathered from the industry. One of the speakers on stage was Inger Klintmalm. Inger has been a developer since the 80s and spent most of her career in the Fintech industry.


For the third consecutive year, Nordnet has been appointed ”Rocket of the year” 2017 in Universum’s business barometer. In 2017, Nordnet was also appointed ”Best in industry” among IT students. In 2015, Nordnet was appointed best Swedish employer in our business in the survey made by Universum.

The business barometer ranks companies based on how colleges and university students sees as their dream employer.

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