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We are guessing that you don’t want to waste your unique talent on just any company.

No, you want to be a part of something meaningful. Change processes and old truths that have become irrelevant. Do good, for customers as well as for society. And you want to do it together with other sharp visionaries. Let us suggest you do it together with us.

Not just any bank

Even though we have been around for 20 years, a sort of start up atmosphere still lingers inside our walls. Our work days are characterized by purposefulness, commitment and an unwavering customer focus. Mixed with a rather large dose of playfulness. And even if we really are a bank, we see ourselves as a financially focused IT company.

We are large and small at the same time. On the one hand we are a challenger to the big traditional banks. On the other hand, we have half a million smart customers and 400 engaged colleagues spread out on four Nordic markets. And that makes us both flexible and stable.


New talents wanted


Awesome employees

Did you know?

  • We work with agile methods throughout the organization.
  • Our sustainability work, Citizenship, is democratic – everyone contributes.
  • English is our corporate language, and that gives us the opportunity to recruit sharp people from all over the world.
  • We offer training in Swedish for those who want it, and arrange language luncheons at the Stockholm office where you people get to practice their Swedish.
  • We are 36% women and 64% men. We are working for a better gender balance.

Our values

HONEST – Trust is crucial. If you don’t trust, you don’t share. We do what’s right for our customers, long-term. We stick to our promises and we admit our mistakes. We say what we mean and do what we say. We are honest. We are transparent.

COMMITTED – We don’t believe good results come out of good luck, but from listening well, working hard and following things through. We always want to improve how we best serve our customers, we always strive to become better at what we do. We are always committed.

CURIOUS – Tomorrow belongs to the curious ones. To those who dare to try, explore, question and turn things inside out. Curiosity drives us to listen, to share ideas and to collaborate with others. It drives us to keep developing both our world and our industry.

SMART – In order to beat tradition you need to think smart and act smart. We believe in doing things differently. We believe in the endless cycle of learning and sharing new ideas and expertise. Smart takes us forward.


For the third consecutive year, Nordnet has been appointed ”Rocket of the year” 2017 in Universum’s business barometer. In 2017, Nordnet was also appointed ”Best in industry” among IT students. In 2015, Nordnet was appointed best Swedish employer in our business in the survey made by Universum.

The business barometer ranks companies based on how colleges and university students sees as their dream employer.




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