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@juliajousilahti @kahara It-tiimistämme tiedotettiin, että järjestelmäpäivitys on aiheuttanut ongelman. Päivitys on nyt suoritettu loppuun, joten asiakkuuden avauksen pitäisi onnistua normaalisti. Pahoittelemme häiriötä. /Henri

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#rahapodi is one of the leading financial podcast in Finland. The goal of #rahapodi is to introduce and deepen the concept of saving and investing to the Finns. The hosts Miikka Luukkonen, head of business sales, and Martin Paasi, investment economist, often receive interesting guests in the studio and tackle difficult topics on the market.

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Access over 100,000 other investors’ portfolios, and learn from their decisions. Follow people who really get their investments to grow. Get notifications when someone you follow makes a move – in real time.

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