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Nordnet Fonder is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordnet Bank. The fund company started operations in May 2022 and offers funds in all markets where Nordnet operates - Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The goal of the business is to conduct qualitative and cost-effective management focused on broad asset classes for long-term savers. Sustainability is an important component of our management work, and the information brochure for each fund contains more information on how our various funds take sustainability into account in their management. You can read more about the Nordnet Group's overall sustainability work here.

Remuneration policy

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The company has a remuneration policy that is consistent with and promotes sound and effective risk management and discourages excessive risk-taking.

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Funds' sustainability information

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The Funds' information brochure explains the sustainability aspects taken into account in the management of the Funds.

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Shareholder engagement

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As a fund company and AIF manager, the Company shall represent shareholders in all matters relating to the Company's funds, including ownership issues.

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