We would like to hear your feedback.

If you have any feedback or are dissatisfied with any of the funds that we offer, you have the possibility to present your complaint to the Customer complaint manager at Nordnet Fonder AB. The Customer complaint manager is Nordnet’s Chief Communication Officer. It is always free of charge to send a complaint to Nordnet and have it tried.

You can send your complaint by mail to the following address:

Nordnet Fonder AB
Box 30099
104 25 Stockholm

In order for us to be able to handle your complaint in the best possible way, we would like to encourage you to state your case as clear as possible. A few examples of what you are welcome to include in your complaint are the following:

  • Which fund your complaint concerns,
  • A description of the course of events, including relevant time and dates
  • Any documentation in form of transaction notes, correspondence, etc.
  • Any claim for economic compensation.

When and how do we handle your complaint?

When we have received your complaint, we will confirm this to your stated postal address.

We always strive to answer complaint hastily, and our target is that all complaints should be answered within 14 days. If the complaint requires longer handling time, you will receive information about that.

During the handling of your complaint, we investigate the course of events your complaint concerns. If any follow-up questions would occur during the handling, we will contact you in writing. When we have established the course of events, we will respond to your complaint in writing. The response will include a motivation to our decision. We will send our response to your stated postal address.

Opportunity for reassessment.

If you are dissatisfied with our decision, you can send a request for a reassessment. You send the request for reassessment in the same was as for a complaint, see above.

A reassessment means that our complaint department will review your case once again. A prerequisite for us to reconsider your complaint is that you state new information that we have not already considered in our previous review. If we consider that what you state already have been taken into account in our previous review, you will receive information about this.

External guidance.

If you are dissatisfied with Nordnet’s response, you as a consumer have the possibility to receive advice and guidance from Konsumentverket (Hallå konsument) or Konsumenternas Bank och- finansbyrå.

If you want to get your case tried outside Nordnet, you can turn to Allmänna reklamationsnämnden (ARN), We commit to participate in Allmänna reklamationsnämndens settlement of the dispute. You can also turn to a general court.

Legal entities can for example turn to a lawyer or general court for external advice and guidance, and possibility for appeal.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to submit a complaint through EU’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform on the following web address: