This is Nordnet.

We democratize savings and investments

We are a leading pan-Nordic digital platform for savings and investments. Through innovation, simplicity and transparency, we challenge traditional structures, and give private savers access to the same information, tools and services as professional investors.

Our aspiration

Our aspiration is to become the number one choice for savers and investors in the Nordic region. To achieve this objective, we must always continue to challenge and innovate, keeping user-friendliness and savings benefit at the top of the agenda. Only then can we achieve the high level of customer satisfaction and brand strength required to become a leader in the Nordic region in terms of attracting new customers and creating loyal ambassadors for Nordnet.

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Why we exist

The overarching purpose of Nordnet’s operations is to democratize savings and investments. By that, we mean giving private savers access to the same information and tools as professional investors. This purpose has driven us since we started in 1996 and remains our direction to this day. In the 1990s, the idea of democratization entailed offering easily accessible and inexpensive share trading via internet, and building a fund supermarket with products from a number of different companies where savers could easily compare returns, risk and fees. During the journey, we have simplified matters and pressed down fees on, for example, pension savings, index funds and private banking services. In recent years, we have democratized the financial sector with, for example, the stock lending program. We are always on the savers’ side, and pursue issues of, for example, the right to transfer pension savings free of charge and reasonable and predictable taxation of holdings of shares and mutual funds.

Who we exist for

Our target group is Nordic savers and investors. We offer products and services to both experienced investors and beginners, no matter if they have knowledge or need guidance, wish to spend hours on your investments every day or simply check in on their savings a few minutes a week.


We operate in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The headquarters is located in Stockholm, where all Nordic functions such as tech, product and administration are located. Stockholm is also where we house customer service and sales for the Swedish market. We have local offices with customer service, sales and marketing in Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

In the Nordics, the savings market is dominated by traditional banks and pension companies. As the only pan-Nordic digital platform for savings and investments, we are a challenger on all four markets, alongside one or two local competitors. Nordnet has a leading position in Norway, Denmark and Finland and is a strong number two on the Swedish market.

Our business areas

Savings and investments

Nordnet's digital platform for savings and investments forms the backbone of our offering and gives private savers and investors direct access to the global savings market. On the platform, our customers can save and invest in stocks, mutual funds and other securities at competitive prices through a number of different account types.

We offer a number of different interfaces, including the website, the app or more advanced applications. The less active saver can also use our digital advisory services or invest in one of our index funds.

Nordnet operates the Nordic region’s largest social investment network Shareville, with more than 400,000 members. Here, our customers can follow other investors and see their investments. In total, we at Nordnet have more than half a million members on our various social channels and networks.



Nordnet offers three types of loans – margin lending, residential mortgages and personal loans (unsecured loans). Margin lending with securities as collateral is available in all four of our markets and allows our customers to borrow against their securities, increasing their investments. Residential mortgages are only offered on the Swedish market and have a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 60%. The residential mortgages are provided under Nordnet's own brand and by the external mortgage institution Stabelo through Nordnet's distribution. Personal loans are offered both via Nordnet's own brand and under the subsidiary Konsumentkredit, and are aimed at natural persons in Sweden.


Nordnet provides products for private pension savings in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In Sweden and Norway, we also offer endowment insurance that enables simple and advantageous declaration and taxation. In 2019, Nordnet broadened its investment offering for its Swedish endowment insurance customers by enabling customers to also invest in unlisted shares in collaboration with Kaptena, a company that values ​​unlisted shares.

In Sweden, Nordnet also offers occupational pension solutions to employers and employees. Employees have access to a wide range of investment opportunities at a low cost. We also provide a digital pension management service and a dedicated support team. Unlike traditional players, Nordnet does not have fixed annual fees for its pension products. Customers instead pay commission for the transactions they perform.

Holders of pension and endowment insurance with Nordnet are automatically covered by Nordnet's stock lending program, where the shares held in the accounts are lent to external borrowers, such as major investment banks. The compensation received is divided equally between Nordnet and the customers after deduction of the agent's fee.