Sustainability is part of our DNA

Sustainability is important to us and is a central part of our DNA – to democratize savings and investments. Nordnet’s sustainability strategy is based on two parts: as a foundation in our business model and as initiatives within our framework “Nordnet in Society”.

Our sustainable business model

Savings and investments should be available for all. Nordnet’s ambition is to give private savers access to the same information, tools and services as professional investors, combined with a transparent approach and low costs. We do this by engaging in the public debate on savings and investments, and educating in the area through our savings economists. An example of how we improve the conditions for savers is our opinion work for more customer-friendly conditions in pension savings. In April 2021, a new law will come into force, which means that a cost ceiling for the transfer of pension savings between different pension companies will be introduced, in line with what Nordnet has advocated. Other examples of issues where Nordnet engage to promote better savings terms include the opportunity to participate in IPOs through investment savings accounts (ISK), the conditions for private pension savings in Sweden and Norway, and the amount limit for the Danish share savings account.

We compensate for our carbon footprint

We strive to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. We are climate offsetting for our greenhouse gas emissions every year by planting trees in collaboration with small-scale farmers in Bolivia. The project, called ArBolivia, is certified in accordance with Plan Vivo. Nordnet is climate positive in the sense that we compensated for 110 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

In 2019, Nordnet’s total greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 237 tons of CO2e, which is a decrease of 7 percent compared with 2018.

Sustainability report

Each year, we prepare a report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s most widespread framework for sustainability reporting. Click here for our latest sustainability report.

Nordnet in Society

Nordnet in Society is our framework for sustainability. Within the framework of Nordnet in Society, our employees work with projects that create value for our stakeholders while it also benefits us as a company in the longer perspective.

We have defined three focus areas; sustainable savings, equality & diversity and digital learning.

Sustainable savings

Our ambition is to become the leading Nordic platform for sustainable investment alternatives and to inspire savers to make more sustainable investment decisions. We do this by, among other things, providing a variety of information about sustainable savings on our platform and by creating new functions that help savers find sustainable funds. For example, we have a filter function where savers can actively filter out unwanted holdings in funds such as weapons, games, tobacco or coal, as well as filter among funds with a low carbon dioxide risk.

Nordnet is also a member of the trade associations Swesif and Norsif, both of which are national equivalents of the European trade association Eurosif. Swesif and Norsif are independent network forums for sustainable investments.

Equality & diversity

We work actively to be a workplace that promotes equality and diversity, and inspire more women to get involved in fintech. Examples of events and initiatives we have worked with over the past year are:

  • Women's Evening in Norway, with the goal of inspiring more women to start saving;
  • Women's Lodge in Denmark, an annual membership conference for one of Nordnet's ambassador networks;
  • Power Women in Tech in Sweden, Nordnet's career network for women within Fintech, which was started in 2018 and has more than 900 members; and
  • Girls Invest in Finland, a collaboration between Nordnet and the influencer duo "Girls Invest" where Nordnet invites to lectures and network meetings for young women interested in stocks.

Digital learning

Attracting the right competence in tech is a key factor for us to be able to continue to strengthen our customer offering as a digital platform. Therefore, we want to be involved and contribute to increased digital learning in society, and support young people to learn programming early.

Nordnet collaborates with the organizations Kodcentrum in Sweden and Koodikerho in Finland, to inspire children to digital creation. We contribute both financially and arrange meetings such as kid hackathons. Together with these partners, we can contribute to digital development and lower barriers for children to make a future career in programming.