Corporate governance.


Governance, management and control of operating companies in the Nordnet Group are divided between the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting, the Board and the CEO, according to the Swedish Companies Act and the Articles of Association. From 1 July 2007, Nordnet AB (publ) is subjected to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, available at www.bolagsstyrning.se.

Corporate Governance Report

Download the latest Corporate Governance report here.


At the 2024 Annual General Meeting, accounting firm Deloitte AB was reappointed auditor for Nordnet AB (publ) and all subsidiaries until the 2025 Annual General Meeting. The job of the auditors is to review the annual accounts, consolidated accounts and accounting, and the management of the Board and CEO. The auditors will report back on their findings on a number of occasions over the year and will be present at the Board meeting to discuss the closing of the accounts. In addition, the auditors have continuous contact with the audit committee.

Authorised public accountant Patrick Honeth of Deloitte is the Principal Auditor for Nordnet AB (publ) since the AGM 2019.

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Nordnet's policies

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