Nordnet Brand.

The Brand

Nordnet was born in 1996, from an idea as simple as it was revolutionary: To take trading out of bricks and mortar branches and offer it online, giving ordinary people the power to grow their savings on their own terms.

Through the years, we grew outside Sweden to help customers save better in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Living up to our name as a digital platform for all the Nordic countries.

We added derivatives, international markets, and built a fund supermarket. We launched a modern private banking offering, digital advisory services and were the first bank in the Nordics to take trading from desktop to mobile. We paved the way for flexibility and cost efficiency within pension savings, and created the unique investment community Shareville. The list goes on.

All this is accessed on a constantly evolving platform, where usability and simplicity is at the core. We are always transparent, with no hidden fees or complexities in the fine print. But first and foremost, everything we do, we do to drive better returns for our customers. We are as passionate about them as we are about our company or savings in general. Because what is good for our customers, is good for us.

We continue to challenge structures and enable growth, by building the best platform for savings and investments. Our founding principle of democratizing savings and investments drives us to this day.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s this: becoming rich is not a goal in itself. It is about independence, security, realizing your dreams and taking control of your financial future.

Group Of Employees


Why we exist

We democratize savings and investments.

Through innovation, simplicity and transparency, we challenge traditional structures, and give private savers access to the same information, tools and services as professional investors.


Our long-term goal

#1 choice for Nordic savers and investors.

Our aspiration is to become the number one choice for savers and investors in the Nordic region. To achieve this goal, we must always continue to challenge and innovate, keeping user-friendliness and customer satisfaction at the top of the agenda.


What we believe in

1. Passion.
Nordnetters lean forward and walk the extra mile to inspire loyalty and satisfaction among colleagues and customers.

2. Simplicity.
We believe that easy-to-use products, straight to the point communication and modern ways of working create engagement and activity.

3. Transparency.
By telling it like it is and being open externally as well as internally, we build trust and a sense of inclusion.

Brand position

Most inspiring savings experience. 

We make it fun to save and invest, encouraging our customers every step of the way. Our engaging platform keeps customers coming back and inspires them to be better investors.

Take your savings to the next level

You can always aim higher.

Regardless of interest or knowledge, it is our belief that you always can – and want to – aim a little higher, achieve a little better results. Ambition is a human driving force, and at Nordnet we have the coaches, the tools and the inspiration to take your money to the next level.

The basis of Nordnet’s brand communication concept “Level up”

The concept is about aiming higher, regardless of starting position or prior knowledge. When you want to get a little more out of your savings, we always have an opportunity or a new level for you to rise to. “Level up your savings and investments” means both to move your capital to a better platform, but also to boost your own ability and above all (an opportunity for) higher returns. Whether it means starting a monthly savings in index funds, or daytrading full time, you can always make your money work a little harder for you.

Take your savings to the next level. Nordnet is your next level.