Meet Daniel Hamberg — System Engineer

Daniel Hamberg

Daniel Hamberg holds the record as an employee at Nordnet with his 24 years. We have had the honor of following Daniel’s journey, from technical support to his current role as a System Engineer. We get to take part in his knowledge, problem solving skills, humor and helpfulness on a daily basis.  

For how long have you been an employee at Nordnet?

I have worked here since January 1997. When Nordnet was only 5 months old. It’s been quite a ride ever since.

Do you have a favorite memory to share?

This is a tough one, because there are so many good memories. The stories I usually share are the ones about the larger incidents I’ve been involved with (or even caused) since I work in IT Operations, but perhaps this is not the forum for those stories. Therefore my answer is all the good times with my wonderful colleagues.  

Do you remember how you felt being new at Nordnet?

I was very excited to start my journey at Nordnet that winter of 1997, but quickly got quite terrified when I realized that even though you’re a tech employee you need to understand the market, and I had no knowledge at all about the stock market. I thought I was there to help people with their technical issues regarding the site and the Java application we had at the time, not answer questions about order books or derivative redemption issues. So the only choice was to study hard during my spare time. And as you can guess I got really hooked.

How would you describe Nordnet’s development over the years?

I have seen Nordnet age well, from being this small disruptive teenager to becoming a large player on the Nordic market. But one thing has been consistent over all these years, the renowned Nordnet culture.