Meet Matheus Boschetti – Software Engineer

Matheus Boschetti

Matheus Boschetti is a software engineer from Brazil with roots from Italy. He immigrated to Sweden after taking a job offer at the Swedish tech scene. Since February this year, he is working at Nordnet.

Age: 33 years old
Education: Studies in Information Systems

Tell us about your studies and career journey.

I’ve been interested in programming since I was a teenager, when I studied data processing in a vocational school. After finishing school in 2004 I got my first internship in software development. In the same year I’ve started a bachelor degree in Information Systems, from which I’ve dropped out in the 4th year. I’ve worked as a software engineer for companies in many different sectors, like health insurance, news, manufacturing and pharmaceutical research to enumerate a few. In 2015 I immigrated to Sweden after taking a job offer from

It is the far opposite image I had of how it would be like working in the financial sector. I really enjoy it.

Would you like to share something about you or your personal life?

I’m married and have a 20 months old daughter. Like any stereotypical Brazilian I like football, however due to the timezone difference and the lack of proper international streaming services, I’ve stopped following my team and the Brazilian national league that closely. I also have two dogs that I’ve adopted more than 9 years ago, and that came all the way to Sweden with me and my wife.

Could you tell us about your job description and responsibilities?

I’m working as a backend developer, taking care of all things customers can’t directly see and interact with. As a backend developer you are responsible for creating and maintaining all building blocks that the website, the apps and external systems will communicate to.

What is the best thing about your job at Nordnet?

There are several good things, like work/life balance, challenges around bringing the platform to the cloud and so on. The fact that I can easily see the impact that my work has to customers is something that I didn’t had in a long time and it motivates me a lot. 

How would you describe the Nordnet culture?

It is open, honest, friendly and a no frills environment. It is the far opposite image I had of how it would be like working in the financial sector. I really enjoy it.

How would you describe yourself as an investor?

I’m still trying to figure that out myself. Mostly due to the lack of proper investment/financial education, I used to just buy funds offered by my normal bank in order to save some money every month. But thanks to the company environment and colleagues, I’m catching up on that and trying to learn and to build a good portfolio.