Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds.

Welcome to Nordnet’s Mutual Funds department

Here you will find instructions regarding adding new product as well as our general terms when a fund is activated for distribution on our platform.

If any questions arise, please always reach out or include our general e-mail below. It’s the easiest way for us to handle your request within reasonable time.

Fund selection

We will always ask about customer interest, your marketing strategy, and gather facts about your product.

When the requested information has been documented, the answers must be sent to the general e-mail listed below for further dialogue.

Thank you for showing interest in being on Nordnet’s fund market platform!

Please note that Nordnet has the final decision which of the products, stipulated in the Agreement, we deem suitable to distribute in each country.

General commercial requirements for the fund market platform

  1. The mutual fund has to be active and available via Morningstar.
  2. The mutual fund’s target market shall live up to the following standard in EMT-template:
    • Investor Type has to be Retail.
    • Expertise has to be Basic or Informed. If not Basic, then Distribution Strategy codification at Execution with Appropriateness Test has to be “Both”or “Retail”.
    • Distribution strategy codification at Execution Only has to be “Both”or “Retail”.
    • Please find EMT template guidelines here if needed.
  3. The EMT-template, EPT-template, and EET-template needs to be provided to Morningstar on a regular basis.
  4. The mutual fund has to live up to the national requirements of marketing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and/or Finland.
  5. The mutual fund has to have a Packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (“PRIIP KID”) in the local language.
  6. The mutual fund has to be traded automatically via order routing or similar. Daily trading is preferred.
  7. The mutual fund can not charge subscription or redemption fees.
  8. The mutual fund has to provide full coverage on Cost and Charge data, i.e. Ex Post and Ex Ante according to MifiD. Ex Post data needs to be provided to Morningstar no later than the first week of February each year.
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