Nordnet broadens mortgage offer and offers Sweden’s lowest interest rate

As of today, Nordnet is expanding its offer in mortgage lending. The loan is offered to more customer groups and has Sweden's lowest list rate for customers with a big savings.

Nordnet currently offers mortgage loans for private banking customers with interest rates that are set in relation to their savings. Nordnet now lowers the interest rates and also extends the offer to customers with lower savings capital at Nordnet.

–  We are broadening our business on several fronts, and today we present a first step in an expanded initiative in mortgage lending. The Swedes currently have mortgage loans of around SEK 3,000 billion and there are about fifteen players in the market. Despite the big competition, I believe that many consumers feel that they get about the same conditions everywhere. It leaves the field open to a challenger like Nordnet, with a strong brand and digital distribution, to offer a better deal and reach a larger customer group, says Eva Trouin, Country Manager Sweden manager at Nordnet.

The more savings the customer has with Nordnet, the lower interest rate is offered. Total savings are counted per household and also includes occupational pension. Nordnet’s mortgage lending is offered in five different interest rates; from 0.69% if the customer has more than 10 million SEK in savings capital, to 1,79% if the customer’s savings are less than 1 million SEK. The loan-to-value ratio cannot exceed 50% and the maximum loan amount is 10 million SEK.

–  Many people see it as a difficult process to negotiate their mortgage rate. Therefore, we offer a mortgage with low interest rate that is already negotiated. We see this as a way for us to seriously challenge the Swedish mortgage market and will continuously evaluate and adapt the offer to our customers’ wishes, says Eva Trouin.

Fact about Nordnet’s mortgage 

Savings capital with Nordnet   Interest rate 
0 – 1.0 MSEK 1.79%
1.0 – 2.5 MSEK 1.19%
2.5 – 5.0 MSEK 0.99%
5.0 – 10 MSEK 0.79%
over 10 MSEK 0.69%

The maximum loan ratio is 50% of the property’s value. The highest loan amount is SEK 10 million.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Tidestad, Head of Communications
+46 708 875 775, johan.tidestad@nordnet.se

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