Nordnet launches new global fund with leverage

Today, Nordnet is launching the mutual fund “Nordnet Index Global 125”. Nordnet’s own fund company Nordnet Fonder is co-manager together with JP Morgan Mansart.

Nordnet Global Index 125 is a global fund with exposure to more than 700 stocks in midcap and large cap companies in 23 industrialized nations. The broad exposure means that risk is spread over several industries and geographies, which means savings capital is not as dependent on the development of individual countries or sectors. The top five holdings of the fund are Microsoft, Alphabet, Nvidia, Tesla and Eli Lilly.

The fund has built-in leverage with the target of delivering 1.25 times the returns of the well-known global index ”MSCI World ESG Leaders Index”, less the cost of the leverage.

Nordnet Global Index 125 is similar in structure to the Swedish state AP7 Såfa equity fund as it is exposed to global companies and has built-in leverage. AP7 Såfa is the investment alternative where the premiums of Swedes who don’t make an active choice in terms of their state pension are placed.

“It’s very exciting to bring another new fund from our own fund company to market. As far as I know, Nordnet Global Index 125 is the only index fund in the market outside of the state pension system that can offer leverage in global stocks,” says Rasmus Järborg, Chief Product Officer & Deputy CEO at Nordnet.

“The management fee for Nordnet Global Index 125 is 0.40 percent. The fund is traded daily and is available for both monthly savings and one-time investments. The minimum purchase amount is 100 Swedish kronor.

The fund aims to track the MSCI World ESG Leaders Leveraged 1.25x Select Index. Over the past five years, this index has delivered an average annual return of 8.7 percent. The corresponding figure for the last ten years is 9.6 percent.

”Nordnet Global Index 125 carries a relatively high level of risk and is suitable for those looking to make a medium to long-term investment. The shortest recommended holding period is five years,” says Rasmus Järborg, Chief Product Officer & Deputy CEO at Nordnet.

For more information about Nordnet Index Global 125, please visit https://www.nordnet.se/marknaden/fondlistor/18142187-nordnet-global-index

For further information, please contact:
Johan Tidestad, Chief Communications Officer
johan.tidestad@nordnet.se, +46 708 875 775

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