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In April, 1,840,987 trades were made in stocks, warrants and options among Nordnet’s customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. That corresponds to 87,666 trades per day. The number of customers in the end of April was 511,500, which is 4,400 more than previous month. The number of accounts was 657,300, which is 6,800 more than previous month. Net savings for the month was SEK 700 million and the savings capital was SEK 199 billion. Lending to customers by the end of April was SEK 7.4 billion.

April April Change March Change
2016 2015 one year 2016 one month
Number of trades
Sweden 971,969 734,463 32.3% 853,675 13.9%
Norway 258,009 189,539 36.1% 235,285 9.7%
Denmark 310,169 340,046 -8.8% 319,437 -2.9%
Finland 300,840 337,683 -10.9% 311,536 -3.4%
Total 1,840,987 1,601,731 14.9% 1,719,933 7.0%
Average per day 87,666 84,302 4.0% 83,899 4.5%
Active customers 511,500 454,300 12.6% 507,100 0.9%
Active accounts 657,300 577,400 13.8% 650,500 1.0%
Net savings (SEK million) 700 1,800 -61.1% -700 -200.0%
Savings capital (SEK billion) 199 197 1.0% 197 1.4%
Margin lending excluding cash and
cash equivalents (SEK million)
4,610 3,835 20.2% 4,688 -1.7%
Personal Loans (SEK million) 2,748 2,326 18.1% 2,711 1.3%

Table: Nordnet’s total trades on all exchanges and market places for all customers, and average number of trades per day. Average number of trades per day is calculated as total trades divided by the number of days the Swedish exchanges are open. Accounts, customers, net savings, savings capital and lending are based on preliminary data.

 The development on the Nordic stock exchanges during April was flat. Oslo stood out with an increase of 5.5 %, mainly due to an increasing oil price. The report period showed a mixed picture, with many companies exceeding expectations but also weak results from companies such as Ericsson and the banks. The large amount of reports during the period have attracted the interest of the private savers, which in turn has led to a higher activity during April compared to the previous month, says Johan Tidestad, CCO of Nordnet.

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