5 questions to Lisa Calá, Tech Recruiter

Lisa Calá, Tech Recruiter Nordnet

Nordnet is a tech company and we will always depend on skilled staff within tech and innovation. Meet Lisa Calá, our Tech Recruiter who is daily searching for new, ambitious employees who want to be part of Nordnet.

Age: 25
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Linköping University

Hi Lisa, can you tell us a little about your career journey and how you started at Nordnet?
I was actually going to study law at university but I changed my mind when I received the admission offer and applied to the HR program. A choice that I do not regret today! During my studies, I worked extra at a tech recruitment company and realized how fun it is with tech recruitment. I continued to work full time at the same company after my studies, as a recruitment and consultant manager. After some time, I found out that I wanted to work with recruitment internally at a company in a broader perspective, and then a perfect job opening appeared at Nordnet.

How does an ordinary day look like for a Tech Recruiter?
No day is the same, but one common factor is that the recruitment process goes very fast. It requires that you can re-coordinate your day with a short notice and that you are flexible, because the job is dependent on when you get hold of candidates and can book an interview. It is an extremely social job with a lot of personal contact with different kinds of people, which I think is the most fun with my job! Active headhunting is also a big part of my daily work, since there is a great shortage of employees in tech.

What is the biggest challenge with your job?
Finding the right tech staff fast is one of the biggest challenges. As a recruiter, you have to be careful not to skip any routines in the recruitment process just because it is hectic. It is important to give the right expectations from start, both to the candidate and to the recruiting manager. It can also be challenging when candidates are buying time and want to think about the offer for a long time, in particular if you need to fill in the recruiting position fast. 

What’s your career advice?
For those of you who are at the beginning of your career – don’t be afraid to try different roles and don’t be too focused on having a certain role or creating a straight career path. Who knows, you might find a job you didn’t think from the beginning is your dream job? When you are facing setbacks, don’t give up too easily because all jobs have ups and downs. Be straight-forward and honest about what goals you have, for example approach your manager directly if you are aiming for a certain role and put your best feet forward. Don’t wait for an offer.

What makes Nordnet an attractive employer?
Nordnet is a large company with entrepreneurial heart. We have a lot in the pipeline in terms of innovation, and as an employee, you have the opportunity to influence that process from start. Adding to that, we have a wonderful, open and inclusive culture with close collaboration between the teams. Our employees are very passionate about their job, regardless of department they work at, and they are happy to share their knowledge. You get a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to try new things and grow quickly as an employee, as long as you take on the challenge. This in turn creates a learning and developing culture.