Henrik Edström nominated for best marketing manager in Sweden

Henrik Edstrom Hemsida

Henrik Edström was recently nominated for the award “Best Marketing Manager” in the category banking, in the Swedish annual competition by the magazine Resumé. The award nominations goes to the marketing managers who most effectively succeed in increasing awareness of their own brand. We had a chat with Henrik about leadership, role models and how to build a strong team. Get to know our Head of Retail Sales & Marketing in Sweden.

Tell us shortly about yourself.
– I am 37 years old and live in Västerås with my wife and our two boys. I have worked with marketing and communications my whole career for a few different companies, mostly within banking but also as a communications consultant, and at the airline SAS. In total I have worked for about 4 years at Nordnet, this is actually my second time around and my second role at Nordnet.

What are your responsibilities as Head of Retail Sales & Marketing in Sweden?
– We are responsible for the marketing communications and content production on the Swedish market. I am leading the Swedish marketing team and our overall responsibilities are to maintain and increase our customer inflow and strengthen our brand awareness and preference.

Why do you think you being nominated?
– We are a very strong and dedicated team and have great support from our inhouse agency. We have taken large steps the last couple of years where our platform has developed rapidly and we have also succeeded in increasing our visibility and preference on the Swedish market.

How do you create a strong team?
– I think that involvement, joy and humor are three of the most important factors when creating a strong team. Combining that with a strong purpose and clear direction often makes work rewarding and fun.

Do you have any leadership role model?
– I admire Petter Stordalens way of building corporate culture and receiving attention for his companies. I have also listened and read quite a few pieces from leadership coach Simon Sinek which I really recommend everyone to do.

Congratulations to a well-deserved nomination Henrik!