Jeanette Eliasson about the nominations for Guldnyckeln

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Nordnet was recently nominated in four categories in the communication competition Guldnyckeln. The annual competition is organized by SWEDMA and rewards data-driven communication based on strategy, creativity, results and overall impression.

Nordnet is nominated for the function “Trigger News”, which provides customers with automated and personalized news based on the customer’s commitment on Nordnet’s platform. We are nominated in four categories; finance and insurance, best use of email and sms, best data-inspiring campaign and best Martech campaign. Jeanette Eliasson, Head of Nordic Marketing, shares her thoughts about the nominations.

How does it feel to be nominated in four categories?

– Fantastic, I’m super happy! This is the annual event where everyone who works with digital targeted marketing gathers. It really shows that we succeed in using capabilities in technology, analytics and content so they create value for the customer and value for Nordnet.

What made you develop Trigger News?

– It came from an idea that our customers should see communication as a service, a unique selling point for Nordnet and that should drive both customer loyalty and brand liking – and in the long run thus increased sales. A pilot was done where all work was manual for six months. When we saw results in customer satisfaction and sales compared to a control group, we explored whether technology could help us scale and develop this service, and to remove all manual work.

Feel free to summarize briefly with your words, what does Trigger News mean?

– It is news that is relevant based on the customer’s commitment on Nordnet, which will help customers receive relevant news to take their savings to the next level. We present news, stock development and key figures in an personalized email to our customers. The emails are virtually in real-time, sent several times a day and fully automated.

What have been the success factors?

– That we dared to realize a “crazy idea” and then stubbornly explored the possibilities of technology to automate it. In addition, as always, super-competent and determined employees, that were supported by the CEO, see the importance of “marketing as a service” to customers.

On Thursday, 28 October, we will find out the result of Guldnyckeln. Fingers crossed!

Watch the video below to learn more about Trigger News.