Meet Dalia Rusu, Technical Savings Expert and Support Engineer

Dalia Rusu

Dalia is a committed Technical Savings Expert and Support Engineer who has worked for Nordnet in Finland since 2009.  Here she tells why she loves her job and shares her every-day life at Nordnet.

Education: Bachelor degree in Business Information Technology from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science in Finland

What got you interested to work with IT?
At the beginning of 2000s and in the era of the dot-com boom, IT captivated my attention and I saw IT as the future. I got more and more interested in IT and decided to study Business Information Technology. Secondly, the possibility to work internationally and with English as a studying and working language also became a factor that made me choose IT as a profession.

What got you curious to work at Nordnet and in the financial industry?
After my studies, I started to work for Finland’s biggest online broker eQ Bank as an IT-trainee. I found the financial field very interesting during my internship, and both the team and the company was a perfect fit for me. In 2009, Nordnet acquired eQ-bank and we were now a Nordic company. I got the role as Support Engineer with more responsibility and new interesting tasks, which was exciting since I always liked to take on challenges and broaden my area of expertise.

How does a regular day look like for you?
I am responsible both for the IT Service desk support for the Finnish office and externally as Technical Savings Expert for our Nordic customers. As with most jobs, my days varies quite a lot depending on the requests that I receive in my internal and external queues. My work days are fun, challenging and interesting in a high pace, but when you love what you do, you enjoy it! I try to provide not only the fastest service, but also a high quality service internally and externally for everyone. The best satisfaction in my job is to help my colleagues by trying to make their life easier on how I am handling their daily software, hardware and access rights issues. Equally, on the customer side by showing that I care to solve their problems. Together with my team, we are always aiming to make a difference to improve customer satisfaction in the way that we address and handle their daily problems. I never had a boring day at my job and when everything looks impossible, my team is right there and nothing seems to be a challenge for me anymore.

How would you describe the culture at Nordnet?
Nordnet has an awesome easy-going, friendly and open-minded atmosphere. My main motivation to go to work every day is to always work with great people and enjoy my work, which I really do at Nordnet. I’m proud to be part of Nordnet and pleased to work with such knowledgeable and amazing colleagues.