Meet Erik Holm Linden, System Manager Automation

Erik Holm Linden, System Automation Manager Nordnet

Erik began his journey at Nordnet in 2015 when he joined Nordnet’s Customer Service department as Savings Expert. Erik has since then made a fast career and gained leadership experience along the way. Today Erik is working as System Manager Automation. Here he shares his journey, everyday life and best career tips.

Age: 29 years
Education: Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands

Erik, you have made a fast career since you started at Nordnet. Can you briefly tell us about your career journey at Nordnet?
I started to work as a Savings Expert at Nordnet after living abroad for 5 years of work and studies. I found Nordnet as an interesting employer because I have been fascinated about finance, entrepreneurship and the stock market for a long time. I think Nordnet has a unique mix of all these aspects. To start at customer service is a great introduction to get a broad understanding about Nordnet’s business and the financial industry as a whole. As a savings expert, you collaborate with many different departments and build up a large internal network. You learn a lot in a short time, take more responsibility step-by-step and have the opportunity to impact your role. I discovered early that leadership was something I wanted to pursue. I became Team Leader after 1,5 years and gained responsibilities such as training sessions, recruitments, and performance reviews. After another 1,5 years, I felt that it was time to take the next step in my career and expand my knowledge. At that time, I got the exciting offer to work at our Change & System Management department, which is responsible for automation of Nordnet’s systems and processes.

What do you do as a System Automation Manager?
As System Automation Manager, I am the system owner of four internal systems that supports hundreds of colleagues in their daily job and streamline Nordnet’s operations. To build smoother and better customer solutions through digitalization and automation are also big part of my job. In addition, I am responsible for resource allocation and delivery of the consultants in our team, who secure the technical development of our systems. I have an incredibly fun job where I am involved in many things at the same time and get the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in my own team and across functions. I never thought that I was going to have this kind of responsibility a couple of years ago, because of the technical knowledge required.

How would you describe Nordnet as an employer?
Nordnet is a fintech company that is large enough to make a difference in the Nordic market within savings and investments, while at the same time small enough for us as employees to influence how we are going to make that difference. If I would describe the very best thing about working at Nordnet in one word, the answer is always the same: the colleagues. We have a warm culture with fantastic value principles that have always succeeded with recruiting people who are ambitious, smart and humble.

Which advice would you like to give young people in the beginning of their career?
First of all, begin to outperform yourself in the role you have today. It is the best confirmation you can give to your future manager. Think of your job as an internship – what would you do if you only had 2 weeks left at your job? As a trainee, you often use the time at your workplace efficiently and make it as learning as possible. My third advice is to choose your manager. The role itself is of course important, but I would say that the manager is more important for your development. Your manager should challenge you, make you grow and believe in you. Get one or two mentors, internally as externally, that you look up to. Meet these people on a regularly basis and surround yourself with people who can teach you things. Lastly, never stop being curious and always ask questions.