Meet My Strömberg, Savings Expert

My Strömberg, Sparexpert Nordnet

With the dream of starting an own company, My Strömberg chose to study economics and entrepreneurship at the Norwegian School of Economics. Today, My is working as a Savings Expert at Nordnet and helps our customers on a daily basis to achieve their ambitions with savings and investments.

Age: 27 years
Education: Degree in economics and entrepreneurship from Norwegian Business School

What got you interested to study and work within finance?
I have always been interested in savings and investments. When I was a young girl, I saved my weekly pocket money instead of consuming it. I became fascinated about stocks and funds during my first year at university, and made my first trades on the stock market. To study entrepreneurship was on the other hand nothing I planned for a long time. The idea grew upon me when I helped my friend to found her own company. At that time, I realised how fun it would be to start my own company one day and to work in a business with high innovation speed. Entrepreneurship is also an interesting field to study since it’s applicable to all companies, whether you are working for a start-up or a well-established company. We operate in an increasingly fast-moving and technical world regardless of industry.

What made you curious to work for Nordnet?
After 6 years of work and studies in Oslo, I applied for the job as Savings Expert at Nordnet’s head office in Stockholm. I had decided that I wanted to work for Nordnet already during my studies. I think Nordnet is a fast-moving company with an entrepreneurial mindset that suits well with my university background. I also wanted to work in a Nordic organisation. The job as a Savings Expert got me curious since I see it as a great introduction and stepping stone for a career within Nordnet and fintech. Savings Expert is a broad role where you get the opportunity to learn everything about our wide range of products and services, in addition to get to know the customers. Many people who start at customer service take on other roles internally later on, thanks to the broad expertise you gain as a Savings Expert.

How would you describe the culture at Nordnet?
We have a very driven and engaged atmosphere inside the company. There is a passion and willingness to improve the financial industry for the better. Nordnet has really matched my expectations since I started when it comes to challenging financial structures and innovation capacity. I like the fact that Nordnet is a decentralised organisation with a low hierarchy, and that you as an employee can bring your own ideas to the table regardless of department or position.

You were recently featured in the financial career magazine Finansliv with the theme “the future of the financial industry”. In short, can you share your thoughts about what you think the future of the financial industry will look like?
I don’t think there will be less jobs for economists or that we will totally exchange customer service with robots. However, I do believe in digitalization and that especially administrative tasks will be more digitalized and efficient. The future economists will focus more on tasks that demands more expertise. Many future professions don’t even exist today and we need to stay updated with the changing job market. I think it will be more and more important for all professionals to be willing to adapt and continuously learn new things, in particularly if you work in a rapidly changing fintech business. I also believe we will see a combination of programming and finance in a new way, which will demand that even economists will have to have a certain level of programming skills.

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