Meet our Savings Experts Carl Hannes and Anna


We are always looking for ambitious Savings Experts to our Customer Service who can create added value for our customers. Anna Hallgren 23, and Carl Hannes Rosén 26, are two of our customer service heroes who help Nordnet’s customers to achieve their goals within savings and investments.

Hi Anna and Carl Hannes! How does a regular day at Customer Service look like?
Anna: A day at Customer Service varies a lot; it all depends on which inquiries we get from our customers. As a team coordinator, a big part of my job is to coach my fantastic colleagues and structure and streamline the processes. I always start my day with a cup of coffee and a morning meeting with my colleagues. Then we together plan the day and decide who should talk to our customers on phone, social media or mail. We continuously arrange training and co-listening sessions during phone calls with our customers, to coach each other and guide each other on how we can improve our service.
Carl Hannes: I agree with Anna, a day at Customer Service varies a lot – which makes it so exciting to work at our department! We get all kinds of questions, simple ones as more complex ones, which often requires collaboration not only within our team, but also between different departments, to solve our customers’ requests. We therefore get a good helicopter view over Nordnet’s operations and we build a large network internally.

What is the best with working at Customer Service?
Carl Hannes: As a Savings Expert, you get great opportunities to grow and work with different departments within the organisation, which in turn can lead to other job opportunities within Nordnet. You also get extensive and broad knowledge of how the financial industry works. However, the very best thing is to talk our amazing customers every day – it is so fun to get a voice of our customers.
Anna: I totally agree with Carl Hannes, it is so rewarding to talk to our customers everyday and help them to become better savers and investors. Also, I think that Nordnet’s customer service is unique – we are the ones with main customer contact in the entire company. In that way, we make our customers voice heard which we get a lot of respect for internally. It is our job to ensure that all customer inquiries are answered and we take much responsibility from the very start.

Why did you choose to work at Nordnet?
Anna: I have been familiar with Nordnet since 2001, when my grandpa opened up an account for all of us grandchildren. It was then I became interested in savings and investments. I have always perceived Nordnet as company with good values, that’s why I got curious to apply for the job 1,5 year ago.
Carl Hannes: I was also a Nordnet customer before I started here and I have always been interested in savings and investments. I worked in retail before Nordnet and I felt that it was time to do something I really liked. To work at Nordnet was a strategic decision, because I see Nordnet as a bank with high innovation capacity that provides great opportunities to grow fast in your career.

How would you describe the culture on Nordnet?
Carl Hannes: The organisation is very flat, which makes you feel comfortable to bring your ideas to the table. The culture is also warm and inclusive, at the same time it encourages responsibility and ambition. You really feel like a Nordnetter and as an ambassador for the company.
Anna: I think the atmosphere is very open and friendly. You can always speak out your mind to your colleagues and to your manager. You are also much respected as a colleague, which I think it is very important at a workplace.