Peter Stolt about Nordnet’s new recruitment experiment

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Nordnet is now presenting a new concept for recruiting tech talents around Sweden. A team that only works distributed will strengthen the continued work of building the best investment platform and developing the award-winning app.

Nordnet was one of the first digital brokers in the Nordic region and constantly strives to stay one step ahead. Therefore, we are now starting an experiment to better reach tech talents throughout Sweden, which will be part of a team that works entirely remotely.

– Nordnet is a learning organization that tests and evaluates during the journey. The iterative approach permeates the entire organization, from how we develop software to which work models we practice. We really believe in the remote experiment but choose to start on a small scale to take advantage of the knowledge and optimize the concept, says Peter Stolt, Engineering Manager Execution at Nordnet.

The team will grow, develop and meet on equal terms, which will strengthen the feeling of community, security and innovative power.

– There are incredibly exciting development opportunities in working completely remote. By taking advantage of all the opportunities that technology offers, we want to find new solutions and working methods and continue developing “high performance teams”, says Peter.

Nordnetter at a distance

Peter shares the insight that today it is not possible to have only one way of working that suits everyone. He believes that companies that are flexible can meet employees in their life situation and figure out the life puzzle together, and attract those who value a lifestyle that a metropole like Stockholm cannot offer.

– We go through different phases in life and people have different conditions. This is a way to meet the needs that both new talent and current Nordnetters may have. There is also a strength in the fact that not all developers are based in Stockholm. It provides new perspectives that reflects the diversity we have among our customers, says Peter.

Peter and his colleagues at tech are keen to maintain the Nordnet culture. It is described by employees as open minded and friendly. One solution to make the culture flourish will be the recurring events at the Stockholm office once a month.

– It is very important to us that the culture of Nordnet lives on even if you work remotely. We have been creative during the pandemic to create social contexts. I am convinced that the team will innovate in both tech as well as social interaction, says Peter.

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