Board member Ulf Dinkelspiel dies

Ulf Dinkelspiel, board member of Nordnet, has passed away on the 9th of January after a short period of illness.

Ulf Dinkelspiel was one of the founders of Nordnet in 1996, and has been a board member of Nordnet AB (publ) since 2001 and a board member of Nordnet Bank AB. Ulf will not be replaced as a board member for the period until the next Annual General Meeting.

 It is with great sorrow that I received the news that Ulf has passed away. Ulf was in many ways a role model and a highly regarded member of the Board with his extensive knowledge of the financial industry, his long business experience and his dedicated and warm personality. My thoughts are with his family, says Håkan Nyberg, CEO of Nordnet.

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