Trading record at Nordnet in January

In January, 3,450,988 trades were made in stocks, warrants and options among Nordnet’s customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. That corresponds to 164,333 trades on average per day.

–   During January, Nordnet’s customers set a new trading record. In total, the private savers made almost 3.5 million transactions during the month. The previous record was from October 2018 and amounted to just over 2.8 million transactions, says Johan Tidestad, Chief Communications Officer at Nordnet.

The Nordic stock exchanges had a mixed development during the month. Denmark increased the most with more than 3 percent, and Norway was the worst in class with minus 2.5 percent.

–   The activity of the private savers is often high in January, and this year has continued the good momentum from the end of last year. From the middle of the month, the stock exchange gained new fuel as the reporting season picked up, and the activity has also been boosted by concerns about the corona virus’s impact on society and the economy, says Johan Tidestad, Chief Communications Officer at Nordnet.


Table: Nordnet’s total trades on all exchanges and market places for all customers, and average number of trades per day. Average number of trades per day is calculated as total trades divided by the number of days the Swedish exchanges are open.

  January January Change  December Change 
  2019 2019 one year 2019 one month
Number of trades          
Sweden 1,535,863 1,098,116 39.90% 1,179,093 52.10%
Norway 674,189 364,492 85.00% 475,987 54.80%
Denmark 532,604 391,481 36.00% 408,780 46.80%
Finland 708,332 428,800 65.20% 468,829 60.00%
Total 3,450,988 2,282,889 51.20% 2,532,689 53.30%
Average per day 164,333 103,768 58.40% 123,546 31.40%
Traded value cash market (SEK million)* 99,546 66,852 48.90% 70,683 58.20%

* Relates to trades in stocks, warrants, ETFs and certificates


For more information, please contact:
Johan Tidestad, Chief Communications Officer
+46 708 875 775, johan.tidestad@nordnet.se

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