This is Nordnet

Our business concept

We are a digital bank that values innovation.

The idea behind Nordnet is to give Nordic savers control over their investments and pension savings, and address people who value their independence. We offer them the tools and the products they need to make their money grow.

Our vision and goals

Our vision is to become the number one choice for savings and investments in the Nordics. As a step on the way, we have set two specific targets for our growth:

Our base of active customers should grow by at least ten percent every year.

The annual net savings should be at least ten percent of the savings capital at the start of the year.

Why we exist

Nordnet was founded in 1996 as a reaction to the outdated structures in the banking business. In order to give more power to consumers, we made it possible to trade and invest over the internet. And it all went from there. Even though we have developed our offering since then, our core focus is still to make trading easy and accessible for anyone. And it’s not just about the products and the technical platforms. People also need knowledge and inspiration to make smart choices for themselves.

We are redefining the financial world, a little bit every day. Everything we do, is about putting the customers in the driver’s seat when it comes to their savings and investments.

Who we exist for

The people whose needs we can satisfy – our target group – are people in the Nordics who want to make well informed but independent decisions about their own savings and investments. Our strategy is to be as relevant and attractive as possible for this specific group of people. This helps us stay clear and focused in both our development and our communication. Which in the end make us reach an even broader group of people who might be interested in savings and investments.


Nordnet is an online bank with business in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The headquarters are located in Stockholm, and all central functions are housed here. Stockholm is also home to the customer service and sales organization for the Swedish market. We have local offices in Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen with customer service, sales and marketing.

The Nordic savings markets are dominated by traditional banks and pension companies. In all our markets, we play the role of the challenger, alongside one or two local competitors.

Our business areas

Investments & Savings

Investments & Savings is our core business and consists primarily of online investing in shares and funds. With our accessibility, knowledge and a broad offering, we give our customers opportunities to make their money grow.

Our customers can invest in shares, mutual funds, derivatives, warrants, bonds and ETP’s. Income in the business area derives primarily from commission fees and currency exchange from cross-border trading.


Nordnet offers two kinds of loans – unsecured personal loans and margin lending with securities as collateral. Margin lending is available in all four of our markets, and gives our customers the possibility to borrow against their portfolios to increase their investments. Under the product names “Knockoutlånet” in Sweden and “Superlånet” in Norway, Denmark and Finland, we offer customers with well-diversified portfolios a very low interest rate.

The personal loans product is available in the Swedish market under the brands Konsumentkredit and Toppenlånet. Income in the business area derives primarily from net interest income.

Nordnet also offer mortgages on the Swedish market. The loan is aimed at private banking customers. Revenues from the business area comes mainly from net interest income.


Nordnet offers pension savings in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the product range varies between the different markets. A common factor is that we offer extensive freedom of investment at a low cost. In the Swedish market, where we have the largest offering, we offer complete pension solutions for private individuals and employers.

The business area is affected positively by increased transparency in the sector and increased opportunities to transfer pensions between different actors. Our main sources of income from the pension area come from commission fees and mutual fund fees.

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