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Fund documents

Fund documents.

Fact sheet, fund rules and information brochure.

Here you will find fact sheets (KIID), fund rules and information brochures on all our funds. It is important that you read this information before you buy units, so that you have a good idea of the risks and characteristics of the investment. See the information brochure for Nordnet Fonder AB here.

Fact sheet

Below you will find fact sheets (KIID) for all our funds

 🇸🇪 Swedish🇳🇴 Norwegian🇫🇮 Finnish🇩🇰 Danish
Fact sheet Nordnet Forsigtig DKKFileFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Balance DKKFileFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Offensiv DKKFileFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Försiktig SEKFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Balanserad SEKFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Offensiv SEKFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Varovainen EURFileFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Tasapaino EURFileFile
Fact sheet Nordnet Rohkea EURFileFile

Fund rules

Below you will find the fund rules for all our funds.

Danish funds

Nordnet Forsigtig DKK

Fund rules (pdf)

Nordnet Balance DKK

Fund rules (pdf)

Nordnet Offensiv DKK

Fund rules (pdf)


Swedish funds

Nordnet Försiktig SEK

Fund rules (pdf)

Nordnet Balanserad SEK

Fund rules (pdf)

Nordnet Offensiv SEK

Fund rules (pdf)


Finnish funds

Nordnet Varovainen EUR

Fund rules (pdf)

Nordnet Tasapaino EUR

Fund rules (pdf)

Nordnet Rohkea EUR

Fund rules (pdf)