Nordnet Citizenship

Nordnet Citizenship

Citizenship is our way to give back to society, and work for a more sustainable way of living as citizens. Our Citizenship framework let’s all employees develop their sustainable project ideas. We have defined three focus areas; sustainable savings & loans, equality & diversity and digital learning, and within these areas we run projects that will benefit the society, but also us as a company. The projects will generate value for savers and borrowers, employees and society, while also adding value for our shareholders and while still trying to minimize our impact on the environment.

We allocate SEK 1 per customer for Citizenship projects each year.

This is how we do it

The process allows our employees to submit initiative proposals, which are then evaluated and refined by our five Citizenship ambassadors. The ambassadors and initiators may devote 10 percent of their working hours to Citizenship work.

The strategy and budget are managed by the Citizenship Board. The Citizenship Board consists of five members, including our CEO.

Where the idea comes from

Our Citizenship concept is based on Professor Michael Porter’s theories of shared value, which, briefly, means that companies need to focus on delivering social benefit in a profitable way.

Reporting of Nordnet Citizenship

Each year, we prepare a report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s most widespread framework for sustainability reporting. The report is based on the Citizenship framework but also other areas which are essential to our business. 

The report is based on GRI G4, reporting level Core. Click here for our latest citizenship report.

Our citizenship projects

Cooperation with Hello World!


Nordnet cooperates with Hello World!, which objective is to make children and teenagers interested in digital creation. Nordnet will light five digital stars and our employees will be active within Hello World!’s mentor program. We find it important to contribute to the digital development and to help children discover digital creation as a possible future career.

Volunteer work and financial support for kodcentrum


By supporting Kodcentrum, we help develop the programmers of the future. This makes perfect sense to us, since we will always depend on skilled IT staff.

Nordnet has organized two kidhackathons at the office in Bromma where we invited 35 kids to learn programming in the language Scratch. We were also volunteers at Stadshushacket that was organized for fifth graders by Stockholm City together with Kodcentrum.

Tjejer Kodar camp
Women and code together with Tjejer Kodar


Nordnet is a proud partner to Tjejer Kodar and together we encourage women to learn or deepen their knowledge about programming.

On the 14th of September 2017, Nordnet and Tjejer Kodar invited 30 women to an inspiring code camp at the office in Bromma. The programming language of the evening was Javascript.

The collaboration with Tjejer Kodar is within our two focus areas in our citizenship programme: digital learning and diversity & equality.


Volunteer work for young entrepreneurship


Employees from our Oslo office have visited ninth graders to educate and inspire them in issues concerning investments, savings and private finances in general.

The sustainability blog


Our sustainability blog is aiming to educate and inspire customers and other savers for more sustainable investments.

We also blog about how Nordnet work to be a good citizen. 

Go to the Sustainability Blog

Nordnet @ Geek Evolution 


Geek Girl Meetup work actively to create and highlight female role models in the IT industry. Nordnet participated at the event Geek Evolution in Stockholm on May 13, 2017, that was organised by Geek Girl Meetup. Our own Tech leader Tuva Palm was one of the speakers during the day.

Nordnet’s engagement in this event is part of the Digital Learning and Diversity & Equality tracks within our Citizenship program. It is good arena for Nordnet when it comes to increasing the awareness of Nordnet as an employer among women interested in technology.

Arranging the seminar woman and finance


Canadian researcher Barbara Stewart presented her report on women and money. The objective was to inspire women to make even better investments.

Climate compensation through ArBolivia

Our emissions in 2015, including our employees’ commutes, totaled 269 (322) tonnes CO2e. This was offset by planting trees in collaboration with small-scale farmers in Bolivia.

Volunteer work for Hope foundation


Half of all employees at our Helsinki office spent four hours of their working hours in March 2015 on sorting donated clothes and shoes for the Hope Foundation.

Fund raising for the red cross in connection with the refugee crisis

In connection with the rapid development of the refugee crisis, our employees raised SEK 62,100, and Nordnet as a company added SEK 124,200 to a Nordic fund raiser for the Red Cross refugee help.

Cycling for the benefit of la flamme rouge


Four of our employees in Denmark participated in an exercise cycling event in Copenhagen, for the benefit of cancer patients and their families.

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