Nordnet in Society

Nordnet in Society

Nordnet in Society is our way to give back to society and work with sustainability.

We have defined three focus areas; sustainable savings, equality & diversity and digital learning. Within the framework of Nordnet in Society, our employees work with projects that create value for our stakeholders while it also benefits us as a company in the longer perspective. The projects in Nordnet in Society are initiated and run by Nordnet’s employees with support of the Board and the management team.

We compensate for our carbon footprint

We strive to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible, and every year we are climate offsetting for our greenhouse gas emissions, including the employees’ commutes. This is offset by planting trees in collaboration with small-scale farmers in Bolivia. The project, called ArBolivia, is certified in accordance with Plan Vivo. In addition to climate benefits, the project adds valuable social and ecological value.

In 2018, Nordnet’s total greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 254 tons of CO2e, which is a decrease of 14 percent compared with 2017.

Where the idea comes from

Our Nordnet in Society concept is based on Professor Michael Porter’s theories of shared value, which, briefly, means that companies need to focus on delivering social benefit in a profitable way.

Reporting of Nordnet in Society

Each year, we prepare a report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s most widespread framework for sustainability reporting. The report is based on the Nordnet in Society framework but also on other areas which are essential to our business.

The report is based on GRI Standards: Core option. Click here for our latest sustainability report.

Our initiatives 

Kid hackathons together with Kodcentrum

Digital learning, Sweden

We are proud to collaborate with the non-profit organisation Kodcentrum, that gives children aged 9-13 the opportunity to learning programming in their free time. Together with Kodcentrum, we contribute to the development of young people into tomorrow’s programmers. This makes perfect sense to us since we will always depend on skilled IT staff. We support Kodcentrum both financially and by arranging a so-called kid hackathon. In autumn 2018, we hosted our largest kid hackathon where 45 children visited our head office in Stockholm. Over an afternoon, the children had an opportunity to develop their knowledge in programming and digital creation.

Tjejer Kodar camp
Membership in Norsif and Swesif

Sustainable savings, Norway and Sweden

Nordnet is a member of the trade associations Norsif and Swesif. Norsif and Swesif are independent networking forums for sustainable investments. Swesif provides a tool called Hållbarhetsprofilen (Sustainability Profile) that allows fund savers to easily and accurately determine the specifics of how a particular fund works with sustainability criteria in its management. Hållbarhetsprofilen is one of the tools available at (in Swedish).


Tjejer Kodar camp
Breakfast and After Work Events with Mimmit Sijoittaa

Equality & diversity, Finland

Mimmit Sijoittaa (“Girls Invest”) is a blog by Pia-Maria Nickström about money, savings and investments. Together with Pia-Maria and her associate Hanna Tikander, Nordnet organizes breakfast and after work events for women about investments. In these events, participants learn what is stock exchange, diversification, and the benefits of compound interest and long term saving. We also help the girls to get started with for example monthly savings. Together with Mimmit Sijoittaa Nordnet strives to make the stock exchange more equal. During last two years, the number of women from the Finnish customer base has increased from 26 % to 31 %.


Programming together with Koodikerho

Digital learning, Finland

We collaborate with Koodikerho coding club in Finland and organise programming camps for children ages 9 and above. During the programming camps, children learn how to programme and code in a fun and informative environment. Together with Koodikerho, we can contribute to digital development and inspire children to discover digital creation, perhaps as a future career.

Tjejer Kodar camp
Power Women in Tech – Nordnet’s career network for women in fintech

Equality & diversity, Sweden

Nordnet’s career network Power Women in Tech was founded in 2018 and has now over 450 members. The purpose of the network is to attract more women to a career within fintech, an industry which is still male-dominated.  In fall 2018, we organised two well-attended career events with were attended by, among others, Anna Wikland, Country Director Google Sweden, Elsa Bernadotte, co-founder of Karma, Susanne Birgersdotter, serial entrepreneur and Josefin Landgård, co-founder of Kry. Read more about the network here and sign up for our up-coming events (in Swedish).


Tjejer Kodar camp
Improving financial knowledge among young people

Improving financial knowledge among young people

More than 50 % of Finns think that the financial knowledge of young people is on a bad level. Nordnet Finland wants to put a stop to these money worries. One example of our activities in this area is the participation in SuomiAreena in July 2019, where we brought together decision makers from teacher education and corporate life to discuss and create an agreement in order to improve the financial skills of Finnish youngsters. The end result to which speakers committed is that both private and public sectors should join forces to provide young people with more teaching about personal finance in schools. In addition, they should be open to offer young people summer jobs and internships, to get them better acquainted with work life, savings and investments.

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