On 27th of March 2019, the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority, Finanstilsynet, approved Nordnet’s acquisition of all stocks in Netfonds Bank AS and Netfonds Livsforsikring AS. At the same time, merger between the companies was approved, where Netfonds Bank AS merge with Nordnet Bank AB and Netfonds Livsforsikring AS merge with Nordnet Livsforsikring AS.

The above means that the transaction between Nordnet and Netfonds is completed. The work with integrating the two operations continues, where we want to take the best from Netfonds and combine it with the best from Nordnet. Our goal is to build Norway’s best user experience for savings and investments with Nordnet’s web service and brand as a basis. The plan is for our shared customers to use the same platform beginning in summer 2019.