Broker of the year in Denmark - Nordnet Bank AB

Broker of the year in Denmark

Anne Buchardt, Country Manager for Nordnet in Denmark, and Mikael Bak, Director at The Danish Shareholders’ association.

Nordnet has been appointed “Broker of the year” in Denmark. The award is being handed out by Dansk Aktionærforening (equivalent to Swedish Aktiespararna) and is based on a survey where the members of the organization in different respects rate Danish stockbrokers and banks.

– We are incredibly proud of this award, not least because it is based on the private savers’ own experience of the quality of the banks and brokers offering saving and investments on the Danish market, says Anders Danielsson, interim CEO of Nordnet.

– This year’s survey shows that Nordnet receives the highest rating of all brokers and banks in the customer satisfaction category, and of course we are very happy about that, says Anne Buchardt.

Read more in the press release and in article in the Danish newspaper Finans.