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Changes in Nordnet’s Board of Directors and committees


Tom Dinkelspiel is the new Chairman of the Board of Nordnet, regarding the companies Nordnet AB (publ) and Nordnet Bank AB. Former Chairman Hans Larsson continues as ordinary board member of the same companies. Pierre Siri leaves the board. Following these changes, the board of Nordnet AB (publ) and Nordnet Bank AB consists of Tom Dinkelspiel (Chairman), Jan Dinkelspiel, Christopher Ekdahl, Karitha Ericson, Christian Frick, Hans Larsson and Per Widerström.

A new committee for Nordnet AB (publ) has been established, the IT committee. The committee consists of Per Widerström (Chairman) and Jan Dinkelspiel. The task of the committee is to oversee that the Nordnet IT strategy and foundation will be effectively defined, planned and implemented in accordance with the overall group strategy and goals.

Hans Larsson is the new Chairman of the audit committee. An addition to Hans, the audit committee consists of Tom Dinkelspiel and Christian Frick.

Tom Dinkelspiel joins as new member of the Risk and Compliance Committee. In addition to Tom, the committee consists of Hans Larsson (Chairman), Jan Dinkelspiel and Christopher Ekdahl.

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