Nordnet’s Annual General Meeting 2017 - Nordnet Bank AB

Nordnet’s Annual General Meeting 2017


Annual General Meeting

Nordnets’ Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday April 25, 2017. Below are the most important decisions from the meeting.

A dividend of SEK 1.00 per share will be paid for the fiscal year 2016 with record day 27 April 2017. The dividend is expected to be paid from Euroclear Sweden AB on 3 May 2017.

Board of Directors
The board shall consist of six board members and no deputies. Until the next AGM, Hans Larsson was re-elected as chairman of the board, and Tom Dinkelspiel, Jan Dinkelspiel, Christian Frick, Christopher Ekdahl and Pierre Siri was re-elected as board members. 

It was decided that a board fee of SEK 1,850,000 shall be distributed among the members elected by the AGM. Remuneration to the chairman Hans Larsson amounts to SEK 500,000, SEK 250,000 to Pierre Siri and SEK 150,000 each to the other four board members.

In addition, remuneration for work in the board committees is paid with SEK 25,000 per committee that the board member is attending. A remuneration of SEK 50,000 is paid to the chairman of each committee. However, remuneration for the work in the Risk and Compliance committee amounts SEK 150,000 to the chairman and SEK 75,000 to each of the other members of the committee. 

No remuneration will be paid to a board member that is employed by the Company or its subsidiaries. The Board fee may, if it is cost neutral for the Company, and after a written agreement with the Company, be invoiced by the board member’s wholly owned company and if so, the invoiced fee will be increased by an amount corresponding to social security costs and with value added tax. Fees to the auditors are paid on an ongoing basis.

The Company shall have one auditor and no deputy auditor. The registered audit firm Deloitte AB was elected until the end of the AGM that will be held during 2018.