#rahapodi voted best podcast in Finland - Nordnet Bank AB

#rahapodi voted best podcast in Finland


Nordnet’s pod for savers #rahapodi has been voted as the number one podcast in Finland. The competition was organized by the leading podcasting collective Jakso.fi, and #rahapodi came through as a clear winner with 32 percent of the total votes.

Jakso’s founder Olli Sulopuisto comments on why he thinks #rahapodi took the number one spot:
I made a couple of observations reading through all the comments, and I believe the reason for this victory is the combination of value vs. fun tied together with a solid release schedule.

Nordnet’s country manager in Finland Suvi Tuppurainen also comments:
#rahapodi is an outstanding example of a long-term way of supporting investors and savers and a completely new way of communicating about finance with a humorous twist. In my opinion, we are doing the whole financial industry a favour; an industry infamous for stiff and outdated ways of speaking about money.

#rahapodi is a podcast about private economy, savings and investments. The pod is led by Nordnet’s savings economist Martin Paasi and Miikka Luukkonen, responsible for partnerships. So far, 100 episodes of the popular podcast have been produced, which you can listen to here.

More information about the award can be found in the press release from Nordnet and on Jakso.fi (available only in Finnish).