Robosave – your robot advisor for investments - Nordnet Bank AB

Robosave – your robot advisor for investments



As of today, Nordnet’s customers on the Swedish market have access to “Robosave” – independent robo-advice with investments in exchange traded funds, ETF’s, to a low cost. Nordnet is hereby expanding its offer to more customers through access to digital financial advice.

Nordnet is making the biggest shift in business model since we started more than 20 years ago. We go from just being a broker where customers are expected to make all decisions on their own, to add tools that will actively guide the savers in their investment decisions. We get a strong total offering with cost-effective stock trading combined with digital discretionary management” –  Peter Dahlgren CEO of Nordnet.

The robo-advice is individual, and is based on, among other things, savings horizon and risk profile. The service includes a re-balancing that automatically looks over the portfolio, and through purchases and sales ensures that it is in line with the customer’s risk profile. With the launch of Robosave, Nordnet becomes the largest robot advisor in Sweden.

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