Nordnet invests in fintech company Tink

Nordnet invests in the Swedish fintech company Tink and acquires a license to use the company's technology. Nordnet now aims to be the first bank in the Nordic region to offer customers to view their total holdings in stocks and funds on Nordnet’s platform, regardless of which bank their holdings are kept at.

During the last months, Nordnet has launched a robo-advice service and the possibility to transfer money to Nordnet accounts through the Swedish application Swish. The partnership with Tink includes an investment through Nordnet Ventures, which is Nordnet’s company for fintech investments.

Tink is the first investment we are doing within Nordnet Ventures. We see it as a strategic initiative that supports our ambition to create the world’s best customer experience in savings and investments. Of course we also believe that Tink will be a good financial investment in itself, even if it is not the main reason for our interest in the company,” says Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet. 

By using Tink’s technology to aggregate data, there are opportunities to launch services that will simplify the user experience for Nordnet’s customers. The first development project includes that Nordnet’s customers will be able to see their holdings in shares and funds from other banks when they are logged in at Nordnet.

“As a Nordnet customer, you should feel confident that you always have access to the latest technology in savings and investments. Tink has developed a technology that creates a lot of value in everyday life for savers. By linking Nordnet to Tink, we are aiming to be the first Nordic bank that can visualize our customers’ total holdings in equities and funds, regardless of which bank they are kept at,” says Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet.

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Edström, PR Manager Nordnet
Tel: +46 70 421 84 66
E-mail: henrik.edstrom@nordnet.se

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