Nordnet reaches 400,000 customers in Finland

Press release 16 February 2021

Today, Nordnet announces that it has passed 400,000 customers on the Finnish market. At the end of January, Nordnet had close to 1.3 million customers in total.

During 2020, almost 100,000 Finnish private savers joined Nordnet, which is equivalent to an annual growth of 35 percent. The pace has accelerated further during January-February 2021, when more than 20,000 Finnish private individuals so far have started a customer relationship with Nordnet.

–   In January 2021, we had the highest inflow ever of new customers, even surpassing March 2020, which was our previous record month. We passed 300,000 customers in April last year and now, only ten months later, we reach 400,000, says Suvi Tuppurainen, Country Manager, Nordnet Finland.

Of Nordnet Finland’s total customer base, 63 percent are men and 37 percent are women. However, 42 percent of the customers that have joined Nordnet in the last 12 months are women. Of the entire customer base, most investors can be found in the age group 26–35 years (28 percent).

–   There are many factors behind the fantastic growth numbers we see right now. There is a positive sentiment among the private savers due to the market recovery following the corona crash in March 2020. The Euribor interest rate level, which has remained negative for more than five years, are driving savers to the stock market. This strong general interest in savings and investments, combined with an improved user experience on Nordnet’s platform, has led to our strong growth numbers. I want to take this opportunity to thank all new and existing customers. My team and I will do everything to live up to your trust, says Suvi Tuppurainen, Country Manager, Nordnet Finland.

For more information, please contact:
Suvi Tuppurainen, Country Manager, Nordnet Finland
+358 50 380 3877

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